Textile Chemicals

We manufacture and market a comprehensive range of textile auxiliary products from pretreatment to Finishing. These products are continuously improved to provide our valued customers with the cutting edge required to compete well internationally.

In addition to offering top of the line products, we at Xemase strive to provide the best technical services to our customers. For this purpose we have complete infrastructure and a fully equipped lab, capable of catering to the requirements of our customers. Our dedicated techno-commercial staff ensures prompt, efficient and effective after sales service to our valued customers.






Biolase HT 100
Heat-stabilized bacterial amylase for starch decomposition

Biolase PEC
Enzyme for removal of pectin to achieve optimum results in
bleaching & dyeing

Biolase SC
Bacterial amylase for medium temp in semi continuous process

Biolase ME
Bacterial enzyme for exhaust process

Sequestering Agent

Aquaquest SC
Sequestering agent for continuous and discontinuous desizing

Aquaquest EX
Sequestering agent for pre-treatment and exhaust process

Aquaquest 540
Multipurpose complexing agent

Aquaquest SNJ
Highly effective iron sequestering agent

Aquaquest RN
Sequestering agent for pre-treatment

Aquaquest 2UD
Special product for the protonic (H+) treatment of textiles

Aquaquest B 95
Sequestering agent for strongly line pre-treatment processes


Stab 400L
stabilizer for peroxide bleaching

Stab SA
Specially developed stabilizer to control the decay of H2O2 during bleaching process

Stab 200 T
stabilizer for peroxide bleaching

Stab 55HN
stabilizer for peroxide bleaching
Anti-Foaming Agent

Wetting Agent

Solowet DT
Low foaming detergent

Solowet RGN
Low-foaming medium alkali stable wetting agent

Solowet WL
Gel free, low-foaming wetting & washing agent (APEO Free)

Solowet SD
High alkali stable wetting agent for continuous dyeing and pre-treatment

Solowet SR
Scouring and Stain removing agent (APEO Free)

Solowet 800
APEO free, low-foaming rapid wetting agent and detergent

Solowet LF
APEO free, low-foaming rapid wetting agent and detergent

Solowet WS
Low-foaming washing and wetting agent
Mercerizing Agent

Solowet ML3A
Mercerizing and causticisation wetting agent

Solowet ME2
Wetting agent for mercerizing and caustic treatment

pH Buffering Agent

Nuteacid 400L
pH Buffer for neutralizing processes


Washing Off / Sequestering Agent

Extact 440R
Washing off and protective collides with sequestering properties

Extact V
Special product for after-soaping vat dyeing

Extact PR
Washing off for reactive printing

Extact SE
Surfactant-free special product for removing reactive dyestuff

Dispersing Agents

Disperse 100
Universal dispersing and leveling agent for PES

Disperse U
Universally applicable dispersing agent

Disperse MS
Universally applicable dispersing agent and leveling for reactive dyeing

Disperse VT
Leveling agent for vat dyeing

Anti-Migrating Agent

Femasol FM
Anti-migrating agent for Continuous Dyeing

Femasol BD
For Pigment Dyeing

Reactive Fixing Agent

Solidfix 400
Formaldehyde free Reactive Fixer (conc)

Solidfix DR
Cationic after fixing agent for reactive dyeing

Solidfix FF
Cationic fixing agent for direct & reactive dyeing

Lubricating Agent

Wetlube NC
Crease preventing agent and gliding agents

Wetlube CC
Crease preventing agent and gliding agent for cellulose fibers


Per-Oxide Killer

Catalayase T400
Enzymatic auxiliary for the destruction of remain


Evosoft EO Flakes
Softening agent for Cotton and their blends

Evosoft 540 Paste
Fatty acid pseudo cationic softener

Evosoft Hp30
Liquid softener with hydrophilic properties Non-Ionic Softener

Evosoft NIS Flakes
Non-ionic softener for all kind of fibers

Evosoft 52 Paste
Non-ionic softener for all kind of fibers (Paste)
Polyethylene Based Softener

Evosoft PEN
Polyethylene softener (high density)

Evosoft L
Polyethylene wax emulsion for sewability improvement Agent

Evosoft CAS
Scroopying agent for Surgical cotton
Silicone Softener

Evosoft UGS
Silicone elastomeric compound

Evosoft HSM
REvolutionary silicone softener for durable hydrophilic finish of textiles

Evosoft SIM
Novel silicone softener for finishing of textile fabrics

Evosoft SHA
Modified silicone softener for universal application

Evosoft 450
Silicone softener for final finishing of textiles

Evosoft SMQ
Silicone softener having hydrophilic properties

Evosoft SMF 34
Softener and additive for the final finish of textiles

Evosoft NWD
Pseudo-cationic special softener for all type of fibers

Evosoft SC
Hydrophilic macro silicone softener for textiles

Evosoft WI
Weight Increasing Agent
Water & Oil Repellent

Evoguard CC
Fluorocarbon (highly concentrated)Fluorocarbon for producing durable water & oil-repellent effects to textiles

Evoguard CM
Fluorocarbon for producing durable water & oil-repellent effects to textiles

Lorix 550
Resin for cotton and blends (formaldehyde)

Opitical brightener  


Evobright 100 Pw
Opitical brightening agent for cotton and pes mix blends

Evobright 230 co
For cotton fabric at low temp

Evobright 100 Ex
For cotton and blends in exhaust process


Denim care  

Dejot care 50l
Neutral cellulose powder

Dejot care 200
Acid cellulose enzyme used to improve handle and appearance.

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